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Goa Festivals
Goa is one of the most attractive tourist destinations in India. Goa has its sun-kissed beaches, warm and friendly people and many other attractive places to visit. The main core attention of Goa and increase in the number of tourists is for the reason of the different festivals celebrated in Goa. People in Goa are immensely respectful towards every religion which is quite palpable with the way they celebrate each festival with same joy and fun. Some of these festivals are typical of Goa and can be seen as Goan festivals. We can check out these sections of the major festivals in Goa.

Goa Sand Art Festival
Tourists in Goa wake up with the sound of cymbals and bagpipers to see the parade walking in the streets of Goa. The entire state is decorated with colourful ribbons and lights all around. This funkiest, jazzy and lively fest has become the incomparable attraction for most of the visitors.

Shigmo Festival
This festival is one of the most vibrant, colourful festival celebrated in spring season. This festivals nearly last till the fortnight and is celebrated by full energy and enthusiasm by Goans.

Bonderam Festival
This festival is celebrated on fourth Saturday of August during the monsoon season with great excitement and fun, attended by thousands of tourists and locals in Divar Island. The villagers used to often encounter problems and disputes related to the ownership of their lands, so they protested against the Portuguese. Keeping this in records this festival is celebrated with positive thoughts and villagers come together to march a parade with melodious music all around the villages.

Feast Of Three Kings
A very popular festival and event celebrated in honor of three kings who came with gifts for infant Jesus Christ. A much awaited festival celebrated every year in the month of January during the Holy Epiphany. This is purely a Christian festival however celebrated by much joy in Hindus as well.

Goa Carnival

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